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Several ways to brighten up the night of your garden

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Several ways to brighten up the night of your garden

Outdoor lighting is a great way to brighten up your garden when the sun goes down. The summer months are perfect for outdoor get togethers, backyard cookouts, and patio parties. This summer, add some color, texture, and warmth to your outdoor excursions by installing some DIY outdoor lighting. Take in a few tips and pointers with these outdoor lighting ideas, and then dive in and light up your area with some techniques that will make your yard or garden a summer hotspot to enjoy after dark.Mark off zones and areas of your space by setting just a few lights a great distance apart. This gives just an idea of where the outer zones of your space begin and end, while helping to guide people to particular areas without overdoing it.


There are lots of different lighting styles and lots of different types of lighting to choose from. Going with too much of one particular thing can make your space look bland. With so many different styles to choose from, play around with at least three or four different types of lighting to give your outdoor space some variation and texture.


Another cool idea to play around with is different colored lighting. Not only do bulbs come in a variety of colors, you can also use colored glass or colored paper lamp shades to make the lights appear in different hues.

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Although it’s counterintuitive, pathways are not supposed to be lit up like a Christmas tree or like the runway for an airplane. The lighting along walkways should be minimal, just enough to hint to the walker how the path unfolds. The fewer the lights, the better, and placement is ultra-critical, so test a few options before committing to the layout.

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