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What Is LED Spike Light

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What Is LED Spike Light

As a landscaping Lighting , led spike light apply in the greens of  parks , plazas, community ,flowering shrubs of streets. Compare to other lights , it have the advantages of easy install and maintain,beautiful appearance etc .


Currently , most led spike light in the market can be roughly divide into two styles:application led spike light and ornamental led spike light. Different types have different applicaton place. 


The application led spike light apply in the green belts  , which can make the plants more beautifu at night. It can avoid the problem of being cover by the leaves and splashed with mud in rainny days . And it is also used as the flood light which install at the outside building . And we should also aware that if we install led spike light in green belts , the lights should be regular distribute and hide the lamp bodies , in case to impact the daytime landscape scenery .

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The ornamental led spike light , mostly used as decorative light, usually apply in light festival , special celebrate days  , outdoor building landcape to make the special scenery more beautiful .


When we choose led spike lights , we should consider about our actual demand. We should priority consider the Ra when we choose led light sources. LED is typical green light source, more enery saving , more light effecting  and long lifespan .

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