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What Is LED Wall Washer light

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What Is LED Wall Washer Light

LED wall washer, some people called it led linear light because it have a rectangle appearance . The paremeters of LED wall washer is similar to led flood light , but its heat disspation is better than led flood light.

LED wall washer , washer the wall with its light, just like water, mainly used to decorative the architecture and draw the outline of big buildings. It is widely used because of the characteristic of enery saving, high lighting effect, colorful and long lifespan etc.

High clear pictures of LED wall washer:

LED Wall Washer

LED Wall Washer1618897531(1)LED Wall Washer

Control mode:

Intenal control , can change many pattern without controller

External control, can change the colors with controller. Currently ,the main line control mode in the market is external control .


1) Ambience lighting for bar, dance hall
2) Billboard, factory,hotle,building of the outside wall
3) Landscaping building, wall washing for bars, clubs, Bridge,stages, plazas

Harmony Lighting's project cases:

LED Wall WasherLED Wall WasherLED Wall Washer

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