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The reason Why We Choose High Bay LED Light In Warehouses

There are plenty of options for lighting in warehouses, but one style that’s becoming increasingly popular is high bay LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. High bay LED lamps aren’t just common in warehouses, but in any facility or venue containing high ceilings and requiring illumination of 15 or m

2021 01-25
Make Your Garden Become A Wonderland By Using LED Outdoor Lanscape Lighting Fixtures

Who says enjoyment of your garden has to stop when the sun goes down? We love using lighting inside the home to bring warmth and atmosphere, so why not bring that effect outside?There’s much more to lighting your outdoor space than the dreaded glaring motion-detect spot as you slip and slide your wa

2020 11-10
LED Wall Washer Light

Wall washer fixtures provide an unmistakable look for any indoor or outdoor project. Unlike standard flood or spot lights, which throw a cone of light onto a surface, wall washers create a wide pool of light that evenly illuminates the target surface. Place a wall washer a short distance away from a

2020 10-31

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