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several common design of outdoor landscape lighting

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Several common design of outdoor landscape lighting

As the rapid develop of city economy ,people's living standard have been continuely improved, the pressure from life & work become biger and biger, thus people need a green space far way from the noisy urban life in the relax time among working & studying.

As a result, the open stype green space in the city have been more and more popular by the people whose live in the city. Thus why the landscape lighting designer paying more and more attention to the green city concept .

The landscape night lighting of the city building


The landscape night lighting of building,  the most common type are led flood light, profile linear light, wall washer light etc.

The building facade led flood light ,based on the given precise culcalate beam angle to lit up the building facade , to reappear the night figure of the building, it can not only show the building profile but also can show us the modeling of the building, three-dimensional sense, decorative stone materials and material texture, and even decorative details can be effectively expressed.

LED flood light can not only reappear the daytime imagine of the building, but also used its light,color and shape to rebuild a lively,beauty and magnificent image in the night.

The building profile linear light using line source  to draw out the building profile , and also the narrow beam angle light lit to the edge of building having the same function.

The square landscape lighting.

Firstly , should united the aroundside lighting & the square lighting , coordinate the lighting system among the quare & the road around the square , unify the inherent cuiture.

The main lighting type of square lighting : foundtain lights , ground lights  , landmark lights , trees lights , undergrond mall or the passageway light ,ambient light such as green belt light, flower bed light.

The night scenery of landscape light of bridge 


Nowadays , most of modern bridges are cable stayed bridge, some are double tower , some are single tower . The bridge lighting should focus on this characteristic , using different light fixtures and unique artistic , make them magnificently standing on the rivers and lit up the night scence of the rivers.


To set up the ambient of the festival of  bridges, we can set 1 artistic lamp per 4-5 metres, made it looks like a glitter pearl necklace. 

The main tower flood light can be make up of three directions, cast light from the bottom, make the tower crystal clean , spotless white , grand, that is very important of the landscape scenery of bridges. 

To lit up all the towers , and get perfect vision effect , we should also set platform under the ground, by using flood light lit up the tower footings from the top to the bottom, make it looks like a giant standing on the river.

Landscape lighting for overpasses


Overpasses always on the main road of city traffic, they are important components of city landscape lighting. If you view overpasses from high view in a distance, you would see it  is made up of many driveways up and down and spread around. The imagine of the driveways are represents by those bars at the edge of driveways. Overpass are multievel,multi-lane over lap,   truly reflect the landscape charm of the overpasses.

We should flexibly using different type of landscape lighting accordingly in different application scene .


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